We are a proud Canadian digital agency with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Inspired by minimalist Japanese aesthetics and having outstanding customer service in our DNA, our mission is to create beautifully designed digital products that generate striking brands.


At Enso Digital, we base our customer service philosophy off Omotenashi—the art of selfless hospitality, which is the cornerstone of Japanese culture. Omotenashi can only be achieved by truly understanding the needs of the customer, thoughtful caring about each customer’s well-being and treating people as true individuals.

Our Services



User experience is the delicate balance of logic and emotion. Essentially, we want to give users a product that is helpful and easy to use but also one they can happily interact with. User interface, on the other hand, is the visual component of the product that leaves a lasting impression.


Android & iOS apps help your brand deliver the utmost value to customers while building upon your growing online presence. Let us help scale your brand through native mobile experiences which captivate and amaze.



The web is the front door to your company. We believe in creating websites that capture your company’s essence and draw people to your products and services.


A company needs a solid visual brand, something that sets you apart from the rest. We specialize in developing innovative graphics that grow, evolve and flourish.


The Name Enso

In Zen Buddhism, “Enso” is the symbol of true perfection—absolute enlightenment. It also symbolizes strength, elegance, the universe, and the void. It is characterised by a minimalism born of Japanese aesthetics.

When Jaime Aoyagi, the leading man behind Enso Digital, went to the Ryoan-ji temple in Kyoto Japan, he finally understood the true nature of the expression. “Enso” essentially implies that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.